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    Different languages, different sounds and letters.
    Do you know this feeling when somebody is talking in the language you don't know or you're trying to read it,
    and you feel like you are deaf or blind?
    But put some time into learning concepts and words,
    and it is as if you've got another pair of eyes and ears!
    It is like slipping into a new, before secret, world.
    And this feeling is magical and sensational!

    I am Alina -- passionate Langventurist.
    My native language is Russian . If you are even a little curious about other countries and people, follow me in these 26 world-opening "trips" into languages!


    While traveling, I always explore the language of the country I'm visiting. And I've noticed that language doesn't only give us power to express ourselves, communicate with others, but it MAKES us, defines our mentality, world views, ways of thinking and living.

    So I decided this year to take on a new adventure --
    a language trip (virtual) to different countries around the world, 2 weeks in each, so that I can have a peek into another worlds and learn about contries and people
    through the languages they speak


    It is the first LANGVENTURE ever known to humanity!


    52 weeks. 26 languages.

    January — March

    Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish, Finnish

    Jan, 4 —Jan, 17 | Italian
    Jan, 18 — Jan, 31 | Portuguese
    Feb, 1 — Feb, 14 | French
    Feb, 22 — Mar, 6 | German
    Mar, 7 — Mar, 20 | Swedish
    Mar, 21 — Apr, 3 | Finnish

    April — June

    Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Swahili, Afrikaans

    Apr, 4 — Apr, 17 | Greek
    Apr, 18 — May, 1 | Hebrew
    May, 2 — May, 15 | Arabic
    May, 16 — May, 29 | Persian
    May 30, — Jun, 12 | Swahili
    Jun, 13 — Jun, 22 | Afrikaans

    Half-Year Bonus

    Bonus Language: Hawaiian

    Jun, 23 — Jul, 3 | Hawaiian


    52 weeks. 26 languages.

    July — September

    Hindi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese

    Jul, 11 — Jul, 24| Hindi
    Jul, 27 — Aug, 7 | Tagalog
    Aug, 8 — Aug, 21 | Vietnamese
    Aug, 22 — Sep, 4 | Thai
    Sep, 5 — Sep, 18 | Chinese
    Sep, 19 — Oct, 2 | Japanese

    October — December

    Romanian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Kazakh

    Oct, 3 — Oct, 16 | Romanian
    Oct, 17 — Oct, 30 | Czech
    Oct, 31 — Nov, 13 | Polish
    Nov, 14 — Nov, 27 | Ukrainian
    Nov, 28 — Dec, 11 | Belorussian
    Dec, 12 — Dec, 21 | Kazakh

    Full-Year Bonus

    Dec, 22 — Dec, 30 | Vote for it!


    Journey, Languages, Challenges

  • Vote
    for BONUS languages

    There are 2 languages in this Langventure
    that are not chosen yet.
    Ready to make this choice together?

    What language are you most excited to learn about?

    Both bonus languages will be determined
    based on the results of the votes.


  • People & JOURNEY

    Language is about us

    Only 2 weeks

    for each language?

    I do not expect to learn the whole language in just 2 weeks. It is not the purpose of this project.
    My goal is to take a look at the alphabet, basic grammar concepts, logic, short history of the language, and to learn some words and couple of phrases.
    Why? Just to get a little closer to the culture and people.

    BONUS Language

    What is it?

    Out of 26 languages I'm going to encounter, 2 languages are not yet identified. I just don't know yet which ones to choose.
    So I offer everyone to join me in making this decision and vote for the language you want me to take on by simply sending a message through the from above!


    Yes, please!

    As in any journey, this one is also more fun if shared with others. I do not have super memory or super powers to get things done in the matter of seconds. So it is going to be a tough challenge.
    But I believe my passion and your support will keep me going.
    I welcome any help, comments, hints on the free sources where I can find more information about languages!

    Virtual trip

    with real significance!

    My journey is about journey.
    It will definitely provide with results and I have some ideas of what I expect to finish with, but the value of Langventure is not known to humanity, yet, as this one is the 1st!

    For me personally, this virtual trip has a great goal. By the end of this year, on Christmas, when I'll turn 30, with the 4 languages I know already, I will have known 30 languages.
    30 by 30! Some geeky motivation :)

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